Dramatic advisor Roberta Bignardi joins Luxembourg Ballet

Dramatic advisor Roberta Bignardi joins Luxembourg Ballet to support us in our work on Dante's The Divine Comedy.

Dance critic and history of dance specialist, she first graduated in Language and Literature at the Federico II University of Naples (110 cum laude), then she undertook a master degree in the history of dance at the Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna, where she graduated with honors in Theater Disciplines and multimedia production: the thesis research is abou Léonide Massine, with a specific work carried out in the archives of the Lincoln Center in New York. The Russian dancer and choreographer Léonide Massine returns again in her research for two publications with the Liguori publishing “Carosello Napoletano” (2009) with which she wins the “Leonide Massine Prize” in 2011. After she studies the classicism and modernism in the work of the Russian master with another book entitled “Il funambolo in scena . Léonide Massine tra l’Avanguardia e il period sinfonico” (2015) with which she wins the “Capri International Dance Prize” in 2012.

Enrolled in the National Order of Journalists since 2005, she has worked for local newspapers, and still today for specialist ones such as "Danza Sì", "Geaart", "On Stage", "Sipario" for which in 2012 she won the first prize for the competition "La Nuova Critica" dance sector. In 2008 she worked for the Press Office of the Italian Office of the European Parliament and for six years she was the personal assistant of the critic Vittoria Ottolenghi for the Italian magazine “Espresso”. She collaborated with Daniele Cipriani Entertainment in the production and management of important events and galas with international dance companies. She was one of the curators of the exhibition "Massine, the myth", on the occasion of the "Léonide Massine Award for the art of dance" - "Mith Festival 2011" in Positano. Member of the Airdanza-Italian Association for Dance Research and member of International Dance Council, she was speaker for the “EADH 2011 Conference entitled Not Just Fred and Ginger: Camaraderie, Collusion and Collision between Dance and Film”, at The Rudolf Steiner House in London. After a recent and intense Irish period that saw her collaborate within the Dublin Fringe Festival, she continued to work as a dance critic, press office for many entertainment events, writer for librettos for many theatres. In 2013 he began teaching the Italian language to foreigners (after the Master Ditals at the University for Foreigners of Siena) at the University of Cork and Dublin. Here, from 2013 to 2015, she was able to continue her studies by combining the teaching of the Italian language with both cinema (with the teaching "Italian Language through Cinema" in the UCD) and dance (with workshop activities for children). Today he is teacher of Italian and a dance critic in Luxembourg where she works for the Dante Alighieri association, European Parliament and many language schools.