Sofía Binetti
Luxembourg Ballet soloist dancer since 2022

Based in Luxembourg.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She carried out her studies in classical, contemporary and jazz dance at Arte XXI - Contemporary Dance School, where she obtained a degree as performer. She possesses a certification as a Pilates instructor from the same school.

In Argentina, she worked with choreographers such as Andrea Chinetti, Oscar Araiz, Ariel Caramés, Aisha Rodríguez and Paula Tirelli.

In 2017 she studied at the National University of Arts in Buenos Aires before she moved to Luxembourg in 2019.

She collaborated with luxembourgish musician Martina Menichetti of the Authentica group for her latest videoclip Call of the Night.

She teaches modern and jazz dance at the Dudelange Music School. In 2022 she joined Luxembourg Ballet as a performer.